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Guidance on Financial Support for Courses of Further and Higher Education

I. Introduction

The University is committed to providing staff with both the training necessary to perform their current work effectively and opportunities to develop further skills to support future duties and career development. 
Courses of work-related Further Education and Higher Education (FE and HE) are a valuable means of developing staff expertise and professionalism. This document describes the support available from Learning & Organisational Development for staff undertaking such courses of study. 


II. Conditions for Approval

Applications for financial support for FE/HE courses should be made to Learning & Organisational Development on the standard online application form, approved by the individual’s manager in all cases.

Financial support will only be granted for payment of course and mandatory exam fees. Support is not available for travel and subsistence, membership of professional bodies, or text books.

The scheme does not provide funding for essential qualifications as it is expected that these will be funded by the employing area.

Applicants must show that the course of study:

  • is relevant to the current and future needs of the University,
  • will improve the current and future effectiveness of the applicant,
  • is good value for money and cannot be funded by any other internal source,
  • cannot be provided internally.

Applicants must also show the course of study:

  • is related to the applicant’s normal work at the University,


  • is linked to the applicant’s future known employment at the University,


  • is in line with internal career aspirations which have been agreed with their line manager, for example agreed through the PDR process and will be supported by additional development opportunities in order to embed and practice the new learning.

Managers will sign a declaration to this effect on the application form.

Where the proposed course of study leads to a specialist professional qualification e.g. Finance or IT qualifications, Learning & Organisational Development may consult the relevant University functional area on issues around suitability and relevance to the role of the individual.

Applications for funding must be received in advance of the course. Applications made retrospectively will not be considered.

3.3. Applicant declaration Required

III. Level of Funding

Learning & Organisational Development will contribute 50% of course fees for approved applications up to a maximum of £1,000 per person per year. It is expected that the employing area will make a contribution towards the outstanding amount.

Learning & Organisational Development will not fund more than one course per individual per year (or a maximum of 60 credits for Open University degrees).

4.4. Applicant declaration Required

IV. Conditions of Funding

In all approved cases the applicant must sign a repayment undertaking to facilitate the refunding of all or part of course fees to the University in the following circumstances:

•    the withdrawal from a course by the applicant without the agreement of their line manager and any consultation with Learning and Organisational Development,

•    attendance or progress on the course is deemed as unsatisfactory,

•    the applicant fails to sit the necessary examinations with no valid reason (the applicant will have the opportunity to discuss the reason they have been unable to sit the examination with a member of the L&OD team before any action is taken),

•    the applicant fails to pass the requisite examinations,

•    the applicant leaves the University through resignation or termination (including the termination of a fixed-term contract) by the University within 24 months after the successful completion of study.

Repayment Table
•    If the applicant leaves the University prior to the completion of study or within:

-    6 months of completion - 100% of fees
-    Within 1 year - 50%
-    Between 1 and 2 years - 25%
-    More than 2 years - 0%
-    Failure to complete - Individual Review with L&OD
-    Failure to show progress - Individual Review with L&OD

Repayment will be via a deduction from their final salary payment and where applicable, any remaining balance by direct payment to the University bank account or by cheque within 30 days of leaving. 
Any paid time off for attending courses is regarded as part of normal working duties and staff must inform their manager if they are absent from the course for whatever reason.

The continuance of assistance, whether for a second or succeeding stage of study will be approved if the member of staff has passed the appropriate examination or has otherwise made satisfactory progress. 

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V. Levels of Study

These guidelines will typically apply to staff undertaking professional qualifications and vocationally oriented degrees.

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Exclusions to the Scheme

Support to study for a PhD does not fall within the scope of the scheme. It would generally be expected that this will be supported, where relevant, from within the individual's employing area.

VI. Support for Studying University of Manchester Courses

Staff applying to study for a qualification with the University are normally entitled to a 50% fee remission via the Faculty the course is being completed through. Such staff can also apply to Learning & Organisational Development for financial support for 50% of the remaining course fees (up to £1000 annual limit). The remaining balance will need to be made up by their employing area or through a personal contribution.

VII. Time Off for Exams/Attendance at Mandatory Teaching Sessions

If the course mode of attendance requires a day or half day release from the workplace, staff are allowed paid time off to attend.  This also applies to any other mandatory teaching sessions that form part of the course – for example attendance at Open University Residential Schools or attendance at other course residentials. In approving applications managers must note and make arrangements to facilitate this. Staff are allowed paid time off to take any examination or any other final form of assessment to complete the course of study – it is recommended that staff be allowed paid time off for revision equivalent to the length of the exam.

VIII. Allowances for Study Time

Courses vary considerably in their content, delivery methods and demands on people’s time in terms of personal research and assessment. Individuals undertaking approved courses of study should negotiate a reasonable time allowance with their manager on time to be taken in work, or time off in lieu, to undertake assessment and course related work. Such allocations of time must take account of normal work commitments and should be planned so as to minimise impact on normal service/work delivery. A maximum of 4 days is allowed for a course of study lasting one full academic year. Time allowances for study for courses of shorter duration should be treated on a pro rata basis.

IX. Further Advice

Any questions about the scheme or the status of particular applications should be directed to Learning & Organisational Development

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Your Details

8.8. Title Required
13.13. Faculty/Division Required

Dates need to be in the format 'DD/MM/YYYY', for example 27/03/1980.


Dates need to be in the format 'DD/MM/YYYY', for example 27/03/1980.


Prior Funding for Study Applications

Please give details of any course for which you received funding last year.

19.19. Have you received funding from L&OD between 1st August 2021 - 31st July 2022? Required
a.19.a. Is this application a continuation of study  e.g. we have funded year one of a two year programme in 2021/2022?
b.19.b. Because you have answered "Yes" in Question 18 and/or Question 18(a) a copy of your exam results will be required.  This should be sent to after you submit this application with  "My FE/HE Funded Results" in the subject line.

Course Details

Dates need to be in the format 'DD/MM/YYYY', for example 27/03/1980.


Dates need to be in the format 'DD/MM/YYYY', for example 27/03/1980.


Details of the Course Provider

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Please list 4 ways in which the course shows that the course of study

Please list 3 ways in which the course should help you perform your current or future roles at the University.


Learning & Organisational Development will pay 50% of course fees up to a maximum value of £1,000 per person per year for approved applications. 

Where 50% of course fees are less than £1,000, the lower amount will be awarded. 

It is expected that the applicant would approach the employing Department and/or make a personal contribution to make up the remainder of course fees. Learning & Organisational Development will not normally fund more than one course per individual per year (or a maximum of 60 credits for Open University degrees).


If you are studying with the University of Manchester you will be expected to arrange the journal transfer.

Course fees

Please note: you will have to request funding on an annual basis. The fee stated here will be for the period 2022/2023 and should be relevant only to the year of the course you are applying for.

This should be the full fee for the academic year 2022/2023 and should be the cost you would incur.

42.42. Fee declaration If you have not already agreed fees and discounts please do not proceed with the application Required

Please select at least 2 answer(s).

43.43. If the application is approved how will the remainder of course fees be made up? Required
b.43.b. Payment

Application Submission

Where the employing area has agreed to fund the remainder of course fees please give an activity account code from which the remainder of the invoice will be reclaimed for monitoring purposes.


Data Protection

To comply with the Data Protection Act 2018 we need to seek your permission before we can contact your College/University for information about your progress on the course. Please tick below to indicate you agree to the course institution providing such information to Staff Learning & Development

44.44. Data protection declaration Required
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