Staff Learning & Development Evaluation Survey

Dear Colleague

You have been invited to complete this survey to give feedback on a recently completed learning activity through the University of Manchester Staff Learning & Development Team.

Evaluating our learning and development offer is a critical part of what we do to ensure we deliver high quality, accessible and appropriate learning interventions to meet the needs of our staff in all roles and areas across the University.

The survey will take no longer than 5 minutes to complete and is anonymous. The feedback you provide is incredibly important to help us continuously improve and develop our offer. 

Thank you for taking the time to give us your feedback. 

The Staff Learning & Development Team

Privacy Notice

The Staff Learning & Development team will use the information which you supply in this survey form in order to evaluate the effectiveness of our learning interventions for staff . We consider the processing of your personal information necessary for the pursuit of the legitimate interests of the University and Staff Learning & Development in providing this service. Your information will be kept confidential and it will only be shared in an aggregated form showing the results of the evaluation as a whole. Your anonymous feedback will be stored in a password protected file in a shared drive for a maximum of five years. Further information on the University’s data collection procedures can be found here: 


Dates need to be in the format 'DD/MM/YYYY', for example 27/03/1980.